Our Process

We create experiences that transform brands and make businesses grow

01. Define a Concept

  • Interview Clients

    Interview Clients

    We talk to our clients to understand their goals, target audience, persona, and the project's road map.

  • Define Purpose

    Define Purpose

    We make a road map we can stick to when making sure the development process is headed in the right direction.

  • Identify Problems

    Identify Problems

    We clarify the challenges and the problems that we should solve step by step.

02. Research

  • Study the Landscape

    Study the Landscape

    We clarify the target market, user stories, and start gathering related design references.

  • Define Our Unique Value

    Define Our Unique Value

    We identify the need from the market, and offer a unique value proposition. We demonstrate how we stand out from our competitors.

  • Modules Comparison

    Modules Comparison

    Analysing the strengths and the weaknesses of our own and the competitors in order to stand out from the market.

03. Information Structure

  • Set Structure

    Set Structure

    We make a structure for the project to imagine how its target audience would navigate it.

  • Make Functional Maps

    Make Functional Maps

    We map out structures and processes to determine what we need to design around.

04. Design

  • Wireframe


    According to our functional map, we develop the wireframe laying out the design draft in a flow.

  • Design


    Based on the wireframe and the user experience, we design the user interface with function and aesthetics.

  • Protoype


    To communicate with programmers, UI designers make prototypes to demonstrate desired interactions.

05. Development

  • Establish Development Environment

    Establish Development Environment

    We create developer accounts, prepare the back end and structure our working environment.

  • Develop & Code

    Develop & Code

    Our software engineers build the product, constantly communicating with the design team to ensure our clients' creative vision is fulfilled.

  • Test & Launch

    Test & Launch

    We beta test edge cases to make sure the product is free of major bugs. Then we release the product to the public!