The broad-spectrum UV filter

Mild for sensitive skin and for the environment
leader in UVA chemical industry

Founded in 1972, Everlight Chemical is one of the most pioneering chemical companies specializing in color chemicals, light stabilizers, toners, electronic chemicals, and pharmaceutical chemicals in Taiwan.

The last version of Everlight Chemical's official website was designed by Tenten also. Now 2016 revamp, we had not only renovated the website design to meet the current trend of responsive web design, but also improved the experience on the CMS.

leader in UVA chemical industry
the optimization of Search Function

One of the highlights of this revision is the search function, which can be seen on homepage. Compared to the keyword search, this search function allows users to choose three options, "Application Industry", "Resin" and "Processing Temperature", three basic options to filter through different product features to help users quickly find the desired product. To create a much better user experience.

fulfill all your need in just one backstage

We customized the CMS platform for all of our clients, helping them easily to manage the content without any prior code knowledge.

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    Up to five Multi-language!

    Editing the content is effortless for our client in five languages within just one CMS


    Info Management

    Product can easily be categorized into “Market Applications”, no need to upload all the information twice.


    Multi Level system Authorities

    Admin can set up authorized level allowing different types of access.

start new business in China

Any website that wants to be shown in China must have an ICP license. It is a permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology MIIT to allow China-based websites to operate in China.

Over the years, we have alot experience for applying China ICP License.
We did it for Everlight Chemical Official on simplified Chinese language version, and the cloud sever built in China to speed up the browsing experience.

start new business in China
user-friendly everywhere

RWD Design is a MUST-DO in nowadays, so of course we designed the Everlight website with RWD design thinking from ground up.

user-friendly everywhere

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