A revolutionary life from genuine skincare
Sprout, the idea of skincare revolution

Founded in 2010, Greenvines is a unique lifestyle brand that builds both fresh and personal care products to reshape how we can live better, healthier in a more sustainable way. They started with Taiwan’s first living sprouts, as it believes real food should be re-invented to meet people’s true health needs - more nutritious, safer with brand new technology.

With the belief that “innovation can be sprouted”, the team extended its product lines into green personal care products customized for our bodies’ real and only needs. These are all small things we take for granted in daily life but have a huge impact on our health and environment.

Sprout, the idea of skincare revolution
The belief of green living

Greenvines has 70% turnover from e-commerce sales every year that must be owed to their strong marketing strategy. It was an awesome experience to collaborate with such a nice team. Tenten is responsible for developing many functions, presenting its unique brand characteristics, and making a good experience on the website, so that can improve the market strategy and achieve the purpose of increasing sales.

The belief of green living
Create, a e-commerce of Greenvines atmosphere

We focused on minimalist, green sustainability, warm and friendly style when designing the website, and optimized the big information architecture. The redesign aims to be more “unified” and “recognizable” while preventing it from feeling “disjointed".

We used a broken grid layout to create a story situation, this expression breaks the balance of the design but also increases the sense of space and can grab consumer attention to convey the brand spirit of Greenvines, and show products are different with other brands.

Create, a e-commerce of Greenvines atmosphere
Browse, thoughtful user experience

According to the marketing strategy of Greenvines, we design a fairly comprehensive product page, when consumer browsing the page they can quickly know the details and the evaluation of product reviews. As an e-commerce brand website, how to presenting brand tone is the vital link, through using micro-interactions on the website, they can understand more about the brand, create a sense of identity and then buy.

Leap to the eye, easy check out

A good checkout page will greatly enhance the brand image, which offers a pleasant experience to the user which is essential in an e-commerce website. We simplified checking out to the one-page checkout is simple and provides all information upfront for customers, unlike multi-step checkout — where purchasing a product takes longer time. Having one-page checkout will increase conversion rate and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Inbound marketing, the perfect combination of E-commerce and Blogs

Greenvines is always a promoter of inbound marketing, they create high-quality contents to attract customers to their websites and turn them into customers. The combination of e-commerce and blogs is a crucial part of the website, we combine 2 different CMS platforms to manage e-commerce and blogs system which is simple easy to use, they can update their website content with just a few clicks. From text information editing, updating and launching a product, posting a new blog; we make it simpler and easier to use.

Inbound marketing, the perfect combination of E-commerce and Blogs
Connect with the future, indispensable responsive experience

Greenvines hopes to go forward to the O2M (Online to Mobile) in the future. According to our research, we found that the main consumers of Greenvines mostly use mobile to browse, since responsive web design (RWD) has become fundamental, we understand that great user experience is pivotal to build a successful e-commerce website.

A revolutionary life from genuine skincare

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