Orsus is a new platform that shakes the entertainment industry worldwide

Blockchain technology connects the talents to explore market
Leading the industry entering to the decentralise era

The global entertainment industry is a $2 trillion market, and social media has evolved into a decentralised ecosystem, but talent discovery and agency sovereignty are still controlled by a small number of companies and groups. Therefore, the unfair distribution of interests, the lack of transparency of contracts and the deprivation of creative copyrights are all derived. Based on the entertainment resources established by itself, ORSUS introduces blockchain technology to create a new decentralised entertainment platform and usher in a new era for the global entertainment industry.

Building a whole new brand image

ORSUS is not only a blockchain platform but a service that brings together people who love the performing arts. The logo was designed with the graphic of chain linked each other, taking the S from Superstar as elements that this symbolic brand concept creates a unique brand Logo. We define the stylish, elegant and mysterious purple colour as the overall theme tone to inherit the branding concept which is implemented in the Landing page, vision to create a new impression for customers.

Building a whole new brand image
Strikes impressions with visuals and effects

We implemented the Grid system in our landing page layout. However, it can get stiff if we don't try to do something. At the first screen, we extend the idea of the logo creating an animation of ripple spreading to catch eyes, playing around with blocks and overlay among the page.

Strikes impressions with visuals and effects
Focusing on exposing the simplest information

We reconstructed the information architecture in the early stage, made three landing design proposals after industrial research and confirmation of writing style. The most challenging part is to simplify the complexity of the ecosystem and information of ORSUS system. All in all, we all satisfied with the stunning visual outcome.

Focusing on exposing the simplest information

Make it memorable

  • Feb 2019
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