Spark Protein

A little spark may kindle a greater fire
Where it starts

With the rise of fitness training trend and keto, whey protein has widened the market reach to those people who are not specifically working out but simply wants to start a low-carb life. Most of the whey protein products here in Taiwan are imported from the States, Australia and other countries that mostly flavoured in a strong sweet taste. Three Taiwanese decided to make their own protein snacks that suit local taste, founded the brand "Spark Protein" after a crowdfunding campaign in 2018.

Where it starts
Rethink, Rebrand, Revamp

Apart from reaching potential consumers from social e-commerce, a website is another essential key foundation. As an accelerator to Spark Protein, we hands-on building the brand with the Spark team. By first setting target audience, we decided to focus on young women - especially those seated in the office all day long, and mothers who want their children having snacks without worrying about the ingredients. From photo-shooting to package design followed by website revamp, not only we strengthen this brand with our design speciality from all the perspectives, but we ourselves as well as playing a versatile role from research to marketing.

Rethink, Rebrand, Revamp
Make your purchase whenever you want

A good user experience playing a crucial part in conversion rates. Based on the research, a shopping process being completed is positively related to the fluency of check-out flow. In this era, there is no reason for a business having their website without a responsive nor mobile-first design. To offer friendly check-out experiences in a limited display is our challenge. We designed a fix-bottom button which leads to a cart page that enables our user can add the item whenever they want while browsing the product page.

Make your purchase whenever you want
Feed your fire with a spark

As an emerging digital brand, the commerce website not only a platform for selling as well as a vital image stands for the brand. Based on the questionnaire results and feedbacks, the market acknowledges whey protein as athletics only nutrition. To flipping the tendentiously cognition around, we planned out ingredient knowledge base to speak the word out. With a lifestyle blended powerful design, we proudly introduce Spark with a new visual direction that balance with diversity.

Feed your fire with a spark


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