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Digital transformation for one of the largest chemical companies in Taiwan
Digital Branding brings new thinking

Established in 1973 to support government's policy on developing petrochemical industry in Taiwan, TSRC (Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Corp.) has become a leader in today's synthetic rubber for nearly half century. As time goes by, the former website no longer fits the needs of current solution due to the expansion of business and the growth of products. The challenge this time for Tenten not only is to revamp the outdated website, but to reflect the merit, stature and future ambitions of the company.

Digital Branding brings new thinking
Design for efficiency

Never stop innovating, the product nowadays TSRC has more than fifty kinds, each product has their own technical documents and data sheets variety in different languages. The solution for copious content we offered, is product finder. Each with their own parameters, solutions can elicit by the user while filtering the specifications.

Global Caring

TSRC never missed a chance to contribute to communities and environments. In the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) area shows annually report, environmental policy activities, quality, and safety policy engage users to our environment protecting plan. Moreover, corporate value the relationship with stakeholders hence we organised an investors area reveal financially reports and information.

Global Caring
Cooperates with the World

To provide a more friendly way to our potential partners, we categorised the network of partners, dealers and local service points by region; along with google map appealing that can clearly disclose contact details of each location.

Cooperates with the World
Translate prestige to digital branding

We want something more than revamping a website. What we aimed at from the first place, is a transformation of a traditional manufacturer shows their capacity, eminence, and flexibility to digital branding market, twist the image of conservative cooperate. We looking forward to the influences of a new digital branding strategy can bring to TSRC; with responsive web design, the multi-language system that can take TSRC to the next step.

Translate prestige to digital branding

Transformational Chemistry, Transform Lives

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  • Feb 2017
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