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Asia's biggest database for movie, celebrity content, and Netflix finder.
Defining the modern movie-going experience

How we use BigData and UX to help people find and rate the movies they like? Tenten reinvented the cinema finding experience with the launch of the VueDB. We blended AI and BigData to curate a biggest movie database in Mandarin, because we know the true movie lovers hardly ever get satisfied with just watching a film. They want to know all the details related to the movie, details like the cast, trailer, box office, fresh news about it and even more.

The biggest movie database in Asia

In the begging, our goal was simple. We jus want to crafted a MVP (minimum viable product) that dedicated to a small focus group (true movie geeks) like us. So we've built a algorithm that could curate the entertainment database automatically. As the result, we have curated the largest movie database that contain over 350,000 movies and 2 million cast data in Mandarin.

The biggest movie database in Asia
Defining the modern movie-going experience.

We also unveiled the as a destination for movie fans to journey deeper into the stories they love. Exclusive content and features attract viewers beyond the shows, while community forums and sharing functions keep people talking beyond the site. VueDB lets viewers access the content wherever they are, whenever they want. It’s all part of how Tenten is building on its legacy of redefining mobile experience by redefining how UX can extend user's engagement online.

Defining the modern movie-going experience.
From getting information to booking tickets

Through scoring, reviews, sharing movie list, social media buzz, finding trailers, showtimes and even buying movie tickets... Those are all tailored to the users.

From getting information to booking tickets
Open API and automation

The Vue Database was driven by movies database exposed via REST APIs, and It's still in beta phase and we are planning to make it a open API it in the future.

Open API and automation
VueDB | Your Favorite Movies & Shows Website in Asia

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VueDB | Your Favorite Movies & Shows Website in Asia
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